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Heidi Reynolds


Certified Wellness Coach

Certified Exercise Physiologist






 Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training

Alfred University

Through this degree, Heidi has the education of exercise prescription, nutrition, exercise physiology, biomechanics, injury prevention and care, and kinesiology to offer to clients.

ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist

Heidi is an American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Physiologist certification holder, including fitness assessment and exercise prescription, injury prevention, group training, and nutrition. Heidi has sixteen years of  experience as a personal trainer and an independent business owner. Her lifetime love of athletics has included dance, lacrosse, field hockey, and running. She also enjoys Zumba, hiking with her dog, and yoga.

Wellcoaches Certified Health and Wellness Coach

The Wellcoaches program focuses on positive motivational discussion, setting small and achievable goals, and building confidence through successes. As your wellness coach, Heidi is a partner in helping you design and implement a healthy lifestyle, providing guidance, motivation, and support as needed to secure long-term changes.

Specializes in:

Beginner Training          PNF stretching          Wellness Coaching          Post-Physical Therapy Exercise

Controlled Disease Management          Obesity /Weight Loss           Nutritional Guidance




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Gena Balsimo

Certified Personal Trainer







NCCPT certified Personal Trainer

A certified trainer for thirteen years, Gena enjoys working with a variety of clients from student athletes to clients struggling with disabilities. She specializes in TRX training, exercise and pregnancy, core stability, golf specific exercise and spinning. Her greatest hope when it comes to working one-on-one, is for her clients to improve his or her quality of life through better health. Her belief is that better health is best accomplished by incorporating a vast variety of activities as possible. In her spare time, Gena has completed numerous marathons and triathlons and enjoys biking, tennis, golf, yoga, Pilates, swimming, hiking, strength training and volleyball. She teaches a variety of classes which include boot camp, jump rope and spinning classes as well as one-on-one training or small group training. Gena is an outgoing, warm, experienced trainer who is used to working with a wide range of body types and personalities.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology: University of Minnesota

Gena finds her degree in Psychology very helpful as she guides clients through making changes in their health and fitness.

Specializes in:
TRX training           Exercise and Pregnancy           Core Stability           Golf Specific Exercise
Spinning           Injury Prevention           Weight Loss           Lifelong Functional Fitness 




    Ashley Carlino

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Certified Health Coach







ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Ashley’s wellness journey began at a very early age when she was exposed to fitness and personal training through her a mother, a Certified Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor. As a kid, she watched the positive impact her mother made on her clients’ health and happiness time and time again, truly inspiring her.   

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Minor in Nutrition

Obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Nutritional Sciences, Ashley always believed that fitness is just one piece of the puzzle in achieving optimal health. She believes the mind and body are interconnected – the nature of the mind is reflected in the state of the body. In addition to working as a Certified Personal Trainer, Ashley has also worked in nutrition within the integrative medicine field where she developed her appreciation for a holistic, highly personalized approach to fitness programming and lifestyle change. She believes there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” workout or diet plan – each client is multi-dimensional, thus their exercise program should reflect them as a unique individual and not just the latest trends or guidelines.

Ashley is very open minded when it comes to training and believes there is a place for all types of workout modalities in the fitness arena. For her own exercise, she loves high intensity “tabata” style training, yoga, barre, and exercising outside when the New England weather cooperates!

Specializes in:

Weight Loss        Circuit Training        Strength        Balance        Core Stability

Balance        Functional Fitness         Health Coaching

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